[Reset Windows Password]

Hurm.. do u forgot your computer password? Or do you want to hack into somebody’s computer?.. Haha here are some steps for you to do:

1. Start PC and press F8 before boot the windows

2. Choose safe mode with command prompt

3. After u enter the windows with command prompt, type net user and press enter.

4. Select windows account that u want to delete or change the password.

5. Type net user<space>yourID<space>* and press enter (don’t forget * sign)

6. Type the password that you want to change or just press enter to delete the password, without type anything. (Password that u type won’t be displayed on the screen, so just be careful)

7. Type the password again, or just press enter if there is no password

Then, just restart your computer. Good Luck!!!

If there is any problem, don’t be shy to ask me 🙂


~ by iFFa on November 2, 2008.

One Response to “[Reset Windows Password]”

  1. Wow.. i’ve found nice tip here..
    Thanks for sharing with us 😀

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