.:detect YM invi user:.

I suggest these two websites for you to check whether your friends are online, invisible or offline at yahoo messenger. Check it out 🙂





~ by iFFa on November 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “.:detect YM invi user:.”

  1. I found the best Yahoo Status Checker , detect invisible users and
    you cand download free yahoo programs at http://www.yahoostatus.org or http://www.yahoostatus.ro

  2. Other invisible Yahoo detectors are http://www.invisibleyahoo.com and http://www.invisible-scanner.info

  3. Other invisible Yahoo detectors are invisibleyahoo.com and invisible-scanner.info

  4. will you be able to detect them even when they’re using 3rd party programs like trillian and pidgin?

  5. I personally use http://www.detector-invisible.com, and I found it excellent.
    They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detector-Invisible.com.

  6. Detector Invisible – http://www.detector-invisible.com/ – Status 100% Real !!!

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