Microsoft Easter Eggs

Hurm..maybe some of u already know about this..Easter Egg. But i still want to write about it because i know there is still someone that don’t know, and maybe this is first time for him/her hears about Microsoft Easter Egg. What i want to write today is about Easter Egg in Windows Xp. If you try it at other type of Windows, maybe it won’t happen.

1. Windows Welcome Music.
– Go to my computer > Local Disk C > Windows folder > System 32 folder.
– File folder named “oobe” and in that folder, u’ll find another folder named “image”
– Click on that folder and u’ll find file called “title” (windows welcome music).
– Play with your media player.. I think that is a nice music 🙂

2. Candy cane pipes screensaver
– At your dekstop, right click and choose “properties”
– Go to screensaver tab, choose “3d pipes” and click on “setting” button
– Then click the ‘textured’ radio button and click ‘choose texture’
– One window appear, click ‘cancel’ and then ‘ok’ on the window underneath
– Look! the candy coloured pipes easter egg


3. the rainbow coloured text screensaver easter egg
-right click on dekstop > properties >
-then click the screensaver tab
-then click ‘3D text’ in the drop down menu and click ‘settings’
-put anything in the textbox, select either ‘spin’ or ‘tumble’
-click the ‘textured’ radio button and the ‘custom texture’ tick box and then the ‘choose texture’ button
-window appear, click close (not ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’)
-then click ok


4.bush notepad easter egg
– Open notepad
– Types : “bush hides the facts” (without ” ” quotation)
– Save a file anywhere and close it
– Reopen the file and see what happen.

5. The easy solitaire win easter egg
– Open solitare (start menu > all programs > games)
– Press alt+shift+2
– Wow now u win a game in a second

6. Easy win freecell easter egg
– Open freecell (start menu > all programs > games)
– Deal a new game
– Then press ctrl + shift + F10
– Click ‘abort’
– Try to make a foul move u have an easy win in a freecell easter egg

Actually there are more easter egg at Windows Xp. You can google it to know another easter egg…


~ by iFFa on February 8, 2009.

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