PC won’t detect USB drive?

Yesterday, i helped my friend to format her laptop. After all the process completed, i plug my pendrive into her laptop to install some basic software. During that time, her laptop could detect my pendrive as well. Then i installed all the drivers need for the system. After restart her laptop, i found out that the system won’t detect my pendrive. I wondered why but i realized that happened after i installed all the drivers. After did some searching from google, finally i found out a solution. Hehe if this problem happen to you, just follow these steps:

1. Go to my computer.
2. Right click and choose “manage”
3. Under “Computer Management Local”, click at “system tools” and then choose “device manager”
4. At the right side, look at “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”
5. You’ll find “USB root hub” with yellow question mark icon.
6. Right click at there and choose “uninstall”
7. After that restart your computer.
For the next time you plug in USB drive, Windows will automatically install it for you.

p/s: this solution i used only for Windows XP. For other type of Windows, i’m not sure whether it succesful or not..


~ by iFFa on February 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “PC won’t detect USB drive?”

  1. otai pc ni

  2. oooh… camtu ye
    sblum ni sy selalu guna add new hardware
    pastu dia autodetect
    tapi x selalu berjaya

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