Basic radia command

To install

radntfyc localhost radskman sname=ZZ_CIS_ANYCONNECT_0203_G,context=m,ulogon=n,ind=y,dname=software,

note: sname (font in blue color) change it to package name of the application that you want to deploy
To un-install

radntfyc localhost radskman req=un-install,sname=ZZ_CIS_ANYCONNECT_0203_G,context=m,ask=y,uid=SGNHLTD42S

note: font in blue color please change it to the package name and also computer name


Kill radia process / stop the process

Go to start > run > cmd. Go to novadigm folder

c:\Documents and Settings\Username>cd\
C:\> cd prog*\nov*
C:\>Program Files\Novadigm>

Then enter command as below (one by one)

radntfyc localhost radkill radtray
radntfyc localhost radkill nvdkit
radntfyc localhost radkill radskman.exe
radntfyc localhost radkill msiexec
radntfyc localhost radkill radpinit

Question: Oohh what is Radia?
Answer :


~ by iFFa on February 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “Basic radia command”

  1. Hey, iFFa, you work at SCB?

  2. yerp.. kinda 🙂 u also there meh?

  3. i cant get this to work with HPCA 7.9 i was trying the uninstall option you had. do you have any information on using RADNTFYC? my company just moved to it so its something im learning.

  4. remote notify command
    C:\Program Files\Novadigm>nvdkit remotenotify.tcl

    example nvdkit remotenotify.tcl 10.yyy.yyy.yy ZZ_MS_OFFICE_2003_STD_1106_G

  5. okay so i got it working with this(see below) but when it runs on the remote computer it gives the customer a 2 min warning to stop the uninstall. How would i get rid of that so HPCA removes the app without asking?

    radntfyc.exe ADNRFZ900018 -p 1 CONNECT req=un-install sname=3_BBHH9780DOCMO_600587_WN7 follow=N log=uinstall_3_BBHH9780DOCMO_600587_WN7.log

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