Basic radia command

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To install

radntfyc localhost radskman sname=ZZ_CIS_ANYCONNECT_0203_G,context=m,ulogon=n,ind=y,dname=software,

note: sname (font in blue color) change it to package name of the application that you want to deploy
To un-install

radntfyc localhost radskman req=un-install,sname=ZZ_CIS_ANYCONNECT_0203_G,context=m,ask=y,uid=SGNHLTD42S

note: font in blue color please change it to the package name and also computer name


Kill radia process / stop the process

Go to start > run > cmd. Go to novadigm folder

c:\Documents and Settings\Username>cd\
C:\> cd prog*\nov*
C:\>Program Files\Novadigm>

Then enter command as below (one by one)

radntfyc localhost radkill radtray
radntfyc localhost radkill nvdkit
radntfyc localhost radkill radskman.exe
radntfyc localhost radkill msiexec
radntfyc localhost radkill radpinit

Question: Oohh what is Radia?
Answer :


Prevent computer from being hacked

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Some steps to prevent your system from the Hackers

1. Make backups of your files and folders and store them in a separate place than your computer.

2. Install firewall. This will prevent worms, Trojan viruses and spy ware from infecting your system. Some applications require that you disable your firewall, so use good judgment.

3. Review your browser and email setting for security. Make sure to constantly erase your “cookies” folder. Cookies pose almost no threat for damaging computers however; they do track your daily actions online. Set your “internet zone” for high and your “trusted sites” for medium low security.

4. Watch out for Active-X and JavaScript files as hackers can plant viruses and other harmful elements in your programs.

5. Install some kind of anti virus software and make sure to set it for automatic updates. New viruses are found everyday, so make sure you update regularly.

6. Don’t open unknown email attachments, many of these contain viruses and allow hackers to get into your system.

7. Only run and download programs from places you trust. Never send these files to friends and co-workers due to the high virus risks.

Source: Sivaranan – RCMS SCB support
8. Turn off your computer and disconnect from the internet. Hackers can’t get into your system if your computer is off.

SERVER – Working with user ID

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Here I show few commands how to locate, reset and unlock user ID in LINUX, AIX & SUN SOLARIS.

Login to server:
pmrun -h servername su

To obtain root equivalent
pmrun ksh <or> pmrun bash

Su to root equivalent
su EID




For all readers..

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Sorry, i’m juz kinda busy lately.. I’ll try to post something new a.s.a.p

~Google Easter Egg~

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Let’s play with google for a while :). Go to At a search box :

1. type “google 133t” (without ” “) and click on button “ i’m feeling lucky“. Result should be like this:

2. Type “google loco” at and click on button “i’m feeling lucky“.


3. Repeat step 2. Just change the word “google loco” into “xx~klingon” and don’t forget to click on button “i’m feeling lucky“.

4. You can also try others word like:

google linux

google easter egg

google bsd
answer to life,the universe and everything


PC won’t detect USB drive?

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Yesterday, i helped my friend to format her laptop. After all the process completed, i plug my pendrive into her laptop to install some basic software. During that time, her laptop could detect my pendrive as well. Then i installed all the drivers need for the system. After restart her laptop, i found out that the system won’t detect my pendrive. I wondered why but i realized that happened after i installed all the drivers. After did some searching from google, finally i found out a solution. Hehe if this problem happen to you, just follow these steps:

1. Go to my computer.
2. Right click and choose “manage”
3. Under “Computer Management Local”, click at “system tools” and then choose “device manager”
4. At the right side, look at “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”
5. You’ll find “USB root hub” with yellow question mark icon.
6. Right click at there and choose “uninstall”
7. After that restart your computer.
For the next time you plug in USB drive, Windows will automatically install it for you.

p/s: this solution i used only for Windows XP. For other type of Windows, i’m not sure whether it succesful or not..

Microsoft Easter Eggs

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Hurm..maybe some of u already know about this..Easter Egg. But i still want to write about it because i know there is still someone that don’t know, and maybe this is first time for him/her hears about Microsoft Easter Egg. What i want to write today is about Easter Egg in Windows Xp. If you try it at other type of Windows, maybe it won’t happen.

1. Windows Welcome Music.
– Go to my computer > Local Disk C > Windows folder > System 32 folder.
– File folder named “oobe” and in that folder, u’ll find another folder named “image”
– Click on that folder and u’ll find file called “title” (windows welcome music).
– Play with your media player.. I think that is a nice music 🙂

2. Candy cane pipes screensaver
– At your dekstop, right click and choose “properties”
– Go to screensaver tab, choose “3d pipes” and click on “setting” button
– Then click the ‘textured’ radio button and click ‘choose texture’
– One window appear, click ‘cancel’ and then ‘ok’ on the window underneath
– Look! the candy coloured pipes easter egg


3. the rainbow coloured text screensaver easter egg
-right click on dekstop > properties >
-then click the screensaver tab
-then click ‘3D text’ in the drop down menu and click ‘settings’
-put anything in the textbox, select either ‘spin’ or ‘tumble’
-click the ‘textured’ radio button and the ‘custom texture’ tick box and then the ‘choose texture’ button
-window appear, click close (not ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’)
-then click ok


4.bush notepad easter egg
– Open notepad
– Types : “bush hides the facts” (without ” ” quotation)
– Save a file anywhere and close it
– Reopen the file and see what happen.

5. The easy solitaire win easter egg
– Open solitare (start menu > all programs > games)
– Press alt+shift+2
– Wow now u win a game in a second

6. Easy win freecell easter egg
– Open freecell (start menu > all programs > games)
– Deal a new game
– Then press ctrl + shift + F10
– Click ‘abort’
– Try to make a foul move u have an easy win in a freecell easter egg

Actually there are more easter egg at Windows Xp. You can google it to know another easter egg…